The single filter used in Enagic machines uses calcium sulfate, which could be a problem for people with sensitivities to sulfates. The warranty on the kangen 8 is 5 years, parts and labor, which is absurd. You can buy more powerful water ionizers for over 1,000 less than the kangen 8, which come with full lifetime warranties. Water Ionizer review The kangen 8 compared to the life m-13. The kangen 8 is Enagics new top of the line water ionizer. So how does it compare to other top-of-the line water ionizers? To give you an idea, weve compared it to the. Both of these machines have a high flow rate, and both are the top-of-the line models for their respective companies, but thats where the similarities end: life ionizer M-13, enagic Kangen 8, price 3,497 4,980.

enagic water machine reviews The big change with this machine is the automated controls, otherwise, this new machine is basically the same as the original sd-501. The kangen 8 still uses Enagics single internal filter, and it still cant filter heavy metals or salt in your water.

The pH levels claimed by Enagic for the k8 appear to be the exact same (up to a pH.5 without chemical additives) as the original leveluk loreal sd-501. The kangen 8 does have an automatic filter reset, a feature we like, but overall this machine appears to be short on improvements. One thing that is definitely different about the new Kangen 8 versus the leveluk sd-501 is price. The k8 costs a full 1,000 more than the sd-501. Plug and Play with the new Kangen. Enagic claims that the new Kangen 8 is plug and play because it has no more switches. Thats true, the k8 has a sleek new exterior berry with none of the clunky controls that made the sd-501 look so awkward. It also has a multi-voltage setting which allows it to be used on any countrys power supply. This is a nice feature, but its a few years late. Other water ionizer manufacturers have offered multi-voltage settings for years. So what do you get with the kangen 8 for 4,980?

enagic water machine reviews

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About Water Ionizer review new 2014 Enagic Kangen. Enagic has just released its first new water ionizer in years, the Enagic leveluk kangen 8, billed as Enagics most powerful. At first glance, the kangen 8 appears to be a beans significant step forward in technology for Enagic, but is it? Alkaline water Ionizer reviews couldnt wait to find out. Was this the kangen machine were been waiting for? It has a new look, a higher price, and one more plate. The kangen 8 still relies on a transformer power supply, and at 230 Watts, it appears to have 5 less watts than the original leveluk sd-501.

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The K8 is great for small businesses and families. Kangen K8 Product Specifications. Electrode plates: 8, plate size: (mm) 135 x 75, negative orp: (mV) -850 ph range:.5.5, generates: 5 water types. Wattage: (W) 230, total weight: (kg) 5, dimensions whd: (mm) 345 x 279 x 147 Production rate: (l/min) Kangen Water:.5.6 Acidic Water:.5.6 Strong Acidic water:.6.1 Screen: Fully automatic, auto turn on and off with tap water pressure, touch screen. The Enagic SD501 provides additional stable oxygen, better micro-clustering, and higher negative oxidation reduction potential levels. The Enagic SD501 water ionizer uses innovative electrolysis technology with seven platinum-coated 99 pure titanium electrode plates. Enagic sd 501 Product Specifications Electrode plates: 7 Plate size: (mm) 135 x 75 Negative orp: (mV) -800 ph range:.5.5 Generates: 5 water types Wattage: (W) 230 Total weight: (kg) 5 Dimensions whd: (mm) 264 x 338 x 171 Production rate: (l/min) Kangen. 4621 Ordering, live  Demos or Support learn More here.

enagic water machine reviews

Drinking Water kangen Water will hydrate your laser body to its full potential. Flush cancerous toxic build up from throat to colon. Beauty water your skin.5 ph and beauty water.5 ph, this works great as a skin toner replacement. Mist the magic of pure water on your face and body after a shower to left skin glowing. Even mix beauty water with essential oils to uplift your mood and sense. Neutral Water filtered water to be taken with medicines. Strong Acidic Water Great disinfectant for kitchens and bathroom surfaces.

Treat skin disorders, athletic foot, eczema, burns, psoriasis, and infections. Disinfect foods from ecoli, staph, salmonella and other food born pathogens. Strong Alkaline water works great to emulsify oils and remove pesticides from foods. Wash all your salads, fruits and vegetables free from harmful toxic pesticides. The kangen Water Ionizers, kangen K8 Water Machine, with 8 Titanium Plates, the kangen K8 is similar to Enagics SD501, but it contains an extra platinum-coated titanium plate. The additional plate and power means improved water ionization, increase antioxidant production potential, and stable production of pH and Oxidation Reduction Potential. A clean contemporary design makes the K8 the most valuable appliance in your kitchen.

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Green tea has an oxidation reduction potential of -100 mv, while the new K8 machines can produce are around -600mv. Two glasses of Kangen water has the same antioxidant properties as 5 pounds of blueberries. Restructured For Better Absorption, many people feel a refreshing tingling feeling that first time they start drinking Kangen Water. The water ions penetrate the cells immediately. Instead of having a group of 30-40 water modular fit through the cell membrane; the water is dispersed into groups of 4-5 molecules.

Thus helping with inflamed cells as the smaller water molecules can freely move in and out of cell membranes. You can see this in action when you make tea with Kangen Water. The water is with working with the nutrients in the tea bag, much like heating water up to excite water molecules. The 5 Types of Kangen Water. Each Engaic water ionizer produces 5 types of water. The drinking water is perfect for everyday hydration, but this machine also has healthy skin toner, disinfectant, and cleaning properties. Each property can replace many toxic household chemicals. Helping the planet and your pocket book from expensive everyday products.

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Many new age diets include a high dose of alkaline foods such as kale, greens, lemons, almonds, avocados, thus helping reduce the acidic aging process. Cancer lives in an acidic environment, around a ph of 6, and cannot live in and alkaline environment over. Many sport drinks, caffeine drinks, processed tablet foods and name brand bottle waters are actually very acidic. Which is why an alkaline diet full of greens, beans, light meats, grains, and fruits is essentially to live a health lifestyle. Kangen water is alkalizing water with a higher Ph to help regulate an alkaline diet, and help get nutrients hoofdhuid absorbed faster. The Anti Oxidant Powers. Kangen water is medically and scientifically proven to be the best water to drink for our health. The anti oxidant properties neutralize the acidic waste process in our bodies to help effectively flush out toxins.

enagic water machine reviews

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These machines produced Kangen water that could flush out toxins, detox the body, help cure disease and increase the metabolism throughout the body. Today we can drink bottle water, filtered water, tap water, alkaline water, smart waters, vitamin waters, and hundreds of acidic sugar induced beverages. Our choices in what we drink are slowing acidifying our bodies, thus increasing the amount of cancer, diabetes, disease and limiting our aging process. 1 out of 6 households in Japan have an ionizing machine; 1 in 1000 homes in American have an ionizing machine. Eastern medicines focus on healthy herbs, teas and dietary options for disease, as the west is focusing on prescriptions for curing symptoms. Just how does this ionizing water machine work? Are you acidic or Alkaline?

Finally you can replace most of your household chemicals, and effectively remove pesticides from foods with Strong Kangen Water. With your new K8 you will never have to buy water, cleaners, skin toners again. We can help finance your system for around 55 or month or you can purchase your machine today. How Kangen Water Works, our bodies are made of 75 water, the most important nutrient for life and our well being. Which is how the kangen story began, with the notion to hydrate with the best water on the planet. In the 1970s Japan scientist had a goal to recreate the water found advies in Hunza, pakistan. This miracle water contained active hydrogen with negative oxidation redox potential, and high colloidal mineral content. The local people were aging up to 120 and 140. Then company Enagic was born as the original engineers behind alkalizing ionized water machines.

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What is Kangen Water? Anti Oxidant, anti Inflammatory, alkaline, detoxifying, full Body healing. Cellular Hydrating, energy Increasing, clean Tasting, increased Mental health. Increased Financial health, multi purposed: 5 Types of ultrasoon Water. No need buy bottled Water Again. Kangen Water Demo video, enjoy the benefits of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and increasing your nutrient potential with refreshing Kangen water. Use the beauty water to keep skin hydrated and firm.

Enagic water machine reviews
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