Armed with the possibilities of the second skin, Shiseido is poised to reshape the beauty industry. While there's no word yet on exactly what Shiseido has planned, kuhn says there are a lot of exciting possibilities for how it could be applied — think: a sheet mask that would stay put overnight or super-longwear foundation. "Because the second skin is durable and waterproof, you could imagine incorporating different types of tints into the formula itself that would stay even if you went swimming in the ocean she says. The future of beauty is officially here. For more innovations in beauty: Now, see 100 years of skin care.

where to buy shiseido hair products in singapore made in beauty nerd heaven that we all stand to benefit from. Olivo is led by mit professor and National Medal of Technology and Innovation (the equivalent of the nobel Prize in engineering) recipient. (he also happens to be the co-founder of science-based hair care brand living Proof.).

You may also like, in a nutshell, here's how it works: First you apply a layer of a formula containing different lengths of silicone polymers, hallie kuhn, head of development. Olivo laboratories, the company where the second skin technology was developed, tells. "When its applied, it's similar to a thick emollient she says. After letting that dry for a moment, it's time for layer two — a lotion-like formula containing teeny amounts of platinum, which acts as a catalyst. When the two formulas combine, they create a flexible, breathable film. As previously reported, the film has compression effects (hence the depuffing of under eye bags as well as blurring and mattifying effects. Removing the second skin is kind of like a peel-off mask mask — a little oil-based makeup remover and it slides off as a single sheet. The tech is revolutionary in the beauty world. The only question that remained was what major beauty brand would snap it up and add the game-changing technology into its products? This week it was announced via press release that Shiseido has acquired Olivo and its xpl second skin tech.

where to buy shiseido hair products in singapore

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SkincareDirect is a guaranteed secure and trusted online shopping site. Our stringent secure online credit card payment method is processed by westpac through their Westpac Web Advantage payment gateway. Water, dipropylene Glycol, butylene Glycol, sorbitol, Alcohol, polyvinyl hands Acetate, glycerin, carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, methylparaben, polyvinyl Alcohol, potassium Hydroxide, arginine, xanthan Gum, zizyphus Jujuba Fruit Extract, simethicone, trisodium Edta, tocopherol. Foundation Primer spf30 uvb/UVA/PA (Protect) (50ml the cream is not thick and evens out vers imperfection. Date Added: by Shantana pandian). Japanese skin-care company, shiseido has just acquired a new technology that could change the beauty industry as we know. Last spring, we reported on "liquid Spanx" — the nickname given to an innovation in skin-care technology officially called xpl second skin. Developed by mit scientists, the "second skin" could make puffy undereye bags simply disappear via a high-tech cocktail of silicone-based polymers that create a thin, flexible film on your skin.

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where to buy shiseido hair products in singapore

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where to buy shiseido hair products in singapore

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Where to buy shiseido hair products in singapore
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