A republican Senator from Pennsylvania sponsored a bill to ban the sale of horse meat and make it illegal for horse slaughter. Horse meat is lean, typically, and relatively tender. Older horses are considered to have the most tender meat — different than say veal from a cow. Horse meat is a bit sweet in taste. Why horsemeat is better than beef. But is eating horse actually better for us than other meat?

is horse meat good a good cut has about half the fat, less cholesterol and twice as much iron and Vitamin b as beef. It also contains fewer calories, and a significantly higher omega-3 fatty acid concentration (thats the good fat)—with 360 mg per 100 grams serving, compared to just 21 mg in a beef steak, according one source. So it can be concluded that horse meat is relatively low in calories but serves as a good source of iron and zinc similarly tastes good. Regarding consumption compared to beef, horse meat is eaten in many european countries like france, germany, switzerland and Italy.

541) would permanently end horse slaughter by amending the federal food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to make it illegal for horses or their meat to be sold or transported in interstate commerce acai by anyone who knows that they are intended for human consumption. We already have too many abused animals in our worldwide food supply, there is absolutely no reason to add another, especially under the guise of improving animal welfare. Image source: Monsieurlementhe /Flickr, related.

is horse meat good

Whats Wrong With Eating, horse meat?

In a speech at the annual conference of the charity, world Horse welfare, princess Anne is"d as saying, should we be considering a real market for horsemeat and would that reduce the number of welfare cases if there was a real value in logo the. I chuck that out for what its worth because i think it needs a debate. Spark a debate it has, with a multitude of opinions that have immediately deflated the argument that selling horses for meat would encourage people to take better care of them. The most obvious being that the billions of animals eaten each year are not respected or taken care. She continued, The value of the animal to every individual is slightly different, but if it has real financial value then you look a little bit further ahead in the way you look after your animals. Perhaps, but it seems that the majority of people who choose to care for a companion animal like a horse or dog, do so not for future financial benefit, but for the emotional connection they share with their animal. The Princess comments come after the very publicized horse meat scandal in which horse meat ended up in some beef products in a number of popular uk supermarkets. Arbitrary designations of which animals are used for food aside, people do have a right to know whats in their products. S., the safeguard American food Exports (safe) Act (H.R.

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It is not right to eat horse meat. The good Lord did not put horses on this earth for humans to eat them. Horses are used for riding, as pets, and to do work with. 'no one is remotely at risk'. Well are we supposed to await someone to die from eating horsemeat, which has many chemicals. There is no horse meat in dog food manufactured in the United States. A: Blue wilderness grain-free puppy food is one of the best brands of dog food for pit bull puppies. This brand contains dha, which is a fatty acid found. Nedlands restaurateur pierre Ichallalene announced plans to do a taster on Bastille day and to put horse meat dishes on the menu if the reaction is good.

is horse meat good

Click here for, drugs prohibited for use in horses intended for human consumption. Before you buy american Horse meat. Ask yourself: Is it the meat of a face wild mustang, as advertised? No, most American horse meat is from domestic horses. Are the slaughter plant conditions sanitary?

No, just look at the videos from inside the slaugter houses in Canada and Mexico. Is it free of drugs not meant for humans? No, most American slaughter horses are not. Are the horses tested for all the drugs harmful to humans? No, most, if not all, are not adequately completely tested. American horses are not raised as a food animals yet are being fed to people overseas. If food inspectors dont inspect the food that Americans eat, resulting in massive recalls on a regular basis, do you really think they are doing anything to insure the American horses being slaughtered for human consumption are safe to eat?

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Therefore, it is unclear what level of exposure would be required to trigger such reactions in sensitive people. Moreover, phenylbutazone is a carcinogen, as determined by the national Toxicology Program (NTP) based on positive results in genotoxicity tests and some evidence of carcinogenicity seen in the rat and mouse in carcinogenicity bioassays ntp conducted. For animals, phenylbutazone is currently approved only for oral and injectable use in dogs and horses. Use in horses is limited to use in horses not intended for food. There are currently no approved uses of phenylbutazone in food-producing animals.

Investigation by fda and state regulatory counterparts has recently found phenylbutazone on farms and identified tissue residues in culled dairy cattle. In addition, the. Department of Agriculture's (usda's) food Safety Inspection Service has reported phenylbutazone residues in culled cattle presented for slaughter for human food throughout the United States in the past 2 calendar years. This evidence indicates that the extralabel use of phenylbutazone in female dairy cattle 20 months of age or older will likely result in the presence, at slaughter, of residues that are toxic to humans, including being carcinogenic, at levels that have not been shown. Bute is not good for humans that is why it is banned for use in animals intended for human consumption. Click here for, drug Residue in American Horse meat by - john Holland.

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The Use Of A nti-inflammatory, in food cream Producing Animals, phenylbutazone became available for use in humans for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and face gout in (1949 but is no longer approved, and thus not marketed, for any human use in the United States. This is because some patients treated with phenylbutazone have experienced severe toxic reactions, and other effective, less toxic drugs are available to treat the same conditions. Phenylbutazone is known for its ulcerogenic, nephrotoxic, and hemotoxic effects in horses, dogs, rats, and humans. It is known to induce blood dyscrasias, including aplastic anemia, leukopenia, agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia, and deaths. The reported adverse reactions were associated with the human clinical use of 200 to 800 milligrams phenylbutazone per day. Hypersensitivity reactions of the serum-sickness type have also been reported in patients with phenylbutazone. The threshold for this effect has not been defined.

is horse meat good

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Wormers are used by most horse owners 4 to 12 months out of the year (every other plieger month, 2 months on then 2 months off and so on) depending on which schedule you use. . Once again it starts you to thinking, how an American horse could be slaughtered for food, while most horse owners worm their horse(s) 6 months out of a year. . After all if you don't worm a horse on a regular schedule, they get worms. Killer buyers who ship horses to slaughter must complete an eid to certify that the horse has not had any of the restricted chemicals in the last six months and prohibited drugs during its lifetime. . Horse owners at auction houses are now asked to complete the form when they take their horses to auction. . According to horse advocates in several states horses are being purchased by killer buyers with and without the certification. . More formal investigations will be published in the near future, we hope.

Race horses, show horses, barrel horses, riding horses and the list goes on, they use bute commonly. . These are the types of horses being transported to canada and Mexico to eu approved slaughter houses. . Their meat is shipped to Europe for human consumption. On July 31, 2010 the canadian food Inspection agency began their new policy for horses being slaughtered for food. . The owner (often called killer buyer) of the horse must fill out. Equine rituals Identification Document (EID) this document is to certify that the horse has not been administered restricted drugs in the last 6 months. . Drugs used in common horse wormers are on the list of drugs.

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Americans don't consider a horse as food, so most all equine wormer, fly spray and plasma medications are labeled not for use in horses intended for food. . This is because the chemicals and medicines used most commonly by American horse owners are banned or restricted from use in food animals. The most common medicine used in horses is phenylbutazone (PZB) or as most horse owners and vets call it, "bute". . It is an inexpensive, highly effective treatment for inflammation and pain. . This drug is banned from animals intended for food in America, as well as in Europe. . In Europe if a horse has ever been treated with bute it can never be slaughtered for food. . makes one wonder, if bute is so commonly used in the us how any American horses are slaughtered for food. .

Is horse meat good
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