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products are made with the finest ingredients, have been tested for safety and meet all fda regulations. Borghese products are not tested on animals. Enter the world of Borghese beauty - and pamper yourself from head to toe).

Borghese fango mud is derived from the nutrient-rich earth found in Tuscany and is blended with proprietary complexes and natural oils, resulting in a product that leaves skin moisturized and energized. Borghese offers a complete line of anti-aging products that include the newest state-of-the-art advances in proactive ingredients combined with traditional botanicals and skin care therapies that help preserve, protect, and restore mature skin to a more youthful glow. In addition to skin care products, borghese offers a full line of cosmetics, including foundations, concealers, powders, blushes, bronzers, and eye and lip enhancers that concentrate on helping every woman bring out her beauty to the fullest. Many products contain spf to help protect delicate skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Borghese makeup colors are inspired by tuscan life and tradition, yet are perfectly on trend with today's favorite shades. Creamy, long-lasting lip colors, sensuous eye shadows, and beautiful blushes enhance your face and give it a natural glow. Intoxicating fragrance is another unique borghese offering. Featured in perfumes and body lotions (and available for both women and men borghese's moisturizer unique blends of fruity and floral scents capture the love of life for which the Italian people are known. Borghese doesn't forget about your hair! Botanically enriched shampoos and conditioners will make you tresses glow with good health while moisturizing your scalp.

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Treat yourself to the luxury of Borghese skin care and make up - a brand synonymous with classic Italian beauty. Built on a spa heritage that began in the 14th century when people bathed in the thermal springs of Tuscany, borghese skin care products feature a combination of the best of traditional knowledge and scientific technology, so your skin gets the best of both worlds. Borghese offers a wide variety of skin care and beauty aziatische products to meet the unique needs of every woman. From cleansers and toners, to masks and serums, to lip gloss and eye shadow, borghese provides the means to help each woman reveal her special beauty, whatever her skin's type and special needs. Whether your skin is normal, oily, dry or combination, borghese has a skin care regime geared to you. Skin problems such as premature aging, sun damage, uneven skin tone and wrinkles are helped by a multitude of potent, effective products made specifically to address each problem. Well known for its Fango mud masks for both face and body, borghese combines unique minerals peeling and micronutrients such as Tahitian sea water, murumuru butter and kaolin to help troubled skin become softer, smoother and healthier.

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Svr physiopure eau micellaire make-up Removing Micellar Water. Another inexpensive (7,90 a bottle) option that combines the lightness of micellar water with the effectiveness of a regular makeup remover. It removes longwear lipstick, eyeliner and waterproof mascara. The floral-marine scent is not as strong in use as it appears in the bottle. Caudalie instant foaming Cleanser, this cleanser looks like a light foam, and its so effective in removing makeup and sunscreen that I can use it alone, without my usual oil cleanser. It leaves my skin soft, but not nearly as soothed as my toleriane cleanser. Caudalie recommends it for all skin types, but the formula might be too drying those with more sensitive complexion. Svr physiopure gelée moussante Cleansing Purifying Face gel.

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I dont care for the blue color, but this micellar water removes all makeup, even waterproof mascara. Light, pleasant herbal scent that vanishes instantly. Payot eau dermo micellaire Cleansing Water. Recommended for sensitive skin, payot eau dermo micellaire Cleansing Water cleanses gently, without leaving a tight sensation. It removes makeup, although not waterproof mascara.

Like bioderma, its fragrance-free. Payot eau micellaire Express with Raspberry Extracts. I received a generous sample of payot eau micellaire Express with Raspberry Extracts at my china local pharmacy, and I tested it during my winter vacation. It will remove sunscreen, but it wont do much if you wear heavy makeup. I liked how soft my skin felt when I was using it, but my main complaint is that its heavily scented with a sweet fruity scent, supposedly raspberry. Garnier skinActive micellar Cleansing Water, inexpensive and widely available (at least in Europe garnier is one of my favorite gentle micellar waters. If you use this type of skincare without following it with another cleanser, note that it leaves a slightly sticky finish.

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This is a standard guideline for all micellar waters. However, bioderma wont remove waterproof makeup effectively. The original Sensibio h2O now has a whole family of flankers for all skin types. I havent frans tried them all, but Sébium Micellar Water (for combination or blemish-prone skin) was too aggressive and drying, while hydrabio (for dehydrated skin) left a sticky finish. Erborian Cleansing Water With 7 Herbs. It was a gift from my dermatologist friend, the best vote of confidence. It advertises licorice, green tea, tiger grass, rosemary, chamomile, japanese knotweed, and skullcap as part of its formula.

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Actually, micelles can come in shapes other than spheres; it depends on the molecule shape of the surfactants that make them. Just a chemistry geek note. Bioderma sensibio h2O, bioderma is mentioned verwijderen on every single list of skincare favorites, and Im including it because its the micellar water i use the most. It removes makeup and sunscreen without leaving any sticky feeling. I wouldnt use it to replace a regular cleanser, but as an emergency fix or a makeup remover, it works perfectly. To remove makeup, saturate a piece of cotton with the product and leave it on your face for 15-20 seconds. No rubbing is needed, but to remove eyeliner, you will need to follow the procedure at least one more time.

It should leave it soft, with a comfortable, soothing feel. I use micellar water to remove makeup, refresh my skin after I get home in the evening, or during travels, when I need to streamline my routine and skip the oil cleanser. Even if some of these products havent passed the goldstandard test for me, many came close. Micellar waters, by the way, nivea are not the same thing as toners. The names comes from micelles, tiny spheres* of cleansing compounds suspended in the aqueous solution. One part of a micelle is hydrophilic, with an affinity to water, while another is lipophilic, ready absorb or dissolve in oil, and as the argument goes, with skin sebum and dirt. Each brand uses a slightly different formula for the surfactants that aggregate into the micelles, but the idea behind all of them is similara water-based cleanser that requires no rinsing.

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Ive been loyal to, la roche-posay toleriane and Johnson johnson Purpose cleansers for many years, but I still like meat to test new products to see if there is something better out there. After all, skin changes over time, and so do product formulas. When I was recently packing for a trip, i discovered that I had accumulated quite a few skincare samples and testing notes and I thought that Id share them here. These products are among the most popular ones at the european pharmacies. Since everyone has slightly different skincare goals, i might as well mention what I like in a cleanser. As ive described. My skincare route, for my first cleanse in the evening, i use an oil-based cleanser such as dhc cleansing Oil. For the second cleanse, however, i turn to a gentle foaming cleanser that doesnt dry out my skin.

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