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eye cream for bags under eyes Use for 30 seconds on the eye contour. Repeat for the contour of your right eye. The perks of shopping. Free shipping, within 3-5 days, warranty 2 years, quality guarantee 10 years.

Its unique t-sonic technology features 2 modes, each designed to emocosmetica gently massage and smooth the eye contour. For every style, when in Pure mode, iris gently replicates the feeling of a manual massage with light tapping motions to prevent signs of aging before they begin to develop. Spa mode combines tapping with delicate pulsations, to erase more pronounced signs of aging. High-Tech eye care, a unique technology inspired by Asian fingertip tapping eye massage. Using your iris is far more effective than manually massaging the eye contour. Pure mode spa mode. Pure mode replicates a manual massage while Spa mode recreates a professional beauty treatment by combining tapping with delicate pulsations. Utmost Safety, body-safe, hypoallergenic and free of bpa and phthalates, iris is made from nonporous, medical-grade silicone that resists bacteria buildup. A pillow for your eyes, the soft and smooth silicone design is curved to sit perfectly on the eye contour test allowing a gentle massage of your delicate eye area. Representing an excellent value, every iris comes with a 2-year Limited Warranty and a 10-year quality guarantee.

eye cream for bags under eyes

Eye bags under eyes - consumer health Digest

Skip to main content, free delivery on orders over. Usually ships within 24 hours 30 days return policy, video view, illuminating eye massager. The uniquely designed and ophthalmologist approved iris eye massager utilizes alternating t-sonic technology to reduce the visible signs of crow's feet, dark circles, and bags under your eyes. Iris also dramatically improves the absorption and efficacy of your favorite eye cream or serum. Fatigue and stress make weigh heavily on the delicate skin around your eyes, where the first signs of aging are most evident. Iris uses Alternating t-sonic technology to diminish the appearance of dark circles, bags under the eyes, and fine lines that add unwanted years to your face. For brighter, clinicas younger-looking eyes, iris is a must-have accessory. Trendsetting technology, inspired by the lymphatic eye massages practiced in Asia, the innovative iris enhances the visible benefits of this technique beyond the capability of fingertips alone.

Eye bags under eyes - consumer

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eye cream for bags under eyes

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eye cream for bags under eyes

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Eye cream for bags under eyes
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